As most homeowners can attest, when things start to go wrong you tend to first look at DIY options. What can you do that will fix the issue but also save your wallet? This day and age most information is at your fingertips with a quick google search. But some things are a little more complicated. 

Foundation problems are easy to spot, but not always easy to stop. If you are versed in foundation repair, construction, or are simply a jack of all home repair, you may begin to think you can do your own foundation repair

It’s far from impossible, but it’s a daunting task to undertake. 

The first step is verifying what is causing the foundation damage. Even in most DIY videos or blogs, it’s suggested to contact a foundation expert. Most reputable foundation repair companies will do free homeowners evaluation and give their suggestions on how the repair should be done. 

How to Stop Foundation Settlement

Foundation Underpinning

There is only one surefire way to stop your foundation from shifting and settling. A deep foundation system such as steel push piers or helical piers are designed to transfer the weight of your home past the unstable layers of soil and dirt and onto the lower, more solid rock. Unfortunately, this process requires specialized equipment and proper experience so it’s not a


Referred to as concrete lifting, is the most common foundation repair method. You have to drill holes into the area that needs repair, fill in the underside of the slab with synthetic lifting solution with specialized equipment. This causes the foundation slab to level even with the surrounding concrete. You then fill in the holes with concrete mix and you’re done. This method can be used to repair the foundation, walkways, patios, and driveways. The most cost effective of the foundation repair options, you still need to have proper knowhow of the tools in question, the specialized slackjacking pump, and the experience to know when to stop. The price tag of the equipment rental and materials needed may end up costing you more than hiring a professional so make sure to get estimates from your local Foundation Repair specialists and compare.

Risk and Reward of DIY Foundation Repair


When Piering your foundation, it involves using metal or concrete posts to bolster any failing foundations. To make a long, complicated process short, it involves digging a long trench around the home, making sure to dig enough to reach under the home. You then have to run cables under the foundation to run concrete piers along them. You then need hydraulic jacks to raise the foundation to its proper place, inserting concrete cylinders to keep it there. This takes a lot of specialized knowledge, machinery, and materials. It is also very dangerous. 

DIY is Possible, But is it Plausible?

If you’re talking about slabjacking, DIY repair is possible and can save you money as long as you’re careful and have time to learn. But when we dig deeper, it becomes a very daunting project to try to take on. Even with slabjacking, you acquire a decent amount of risk with something that is detrimental to your home’s health. 

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