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Pier And Beam Foundation Repair

Contact Discount Foundation Repair For Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Services. We Level Homes and Prevent Expensive Damages.

Pier and beam foundation repair a large majority of the problems caused by an unevenly leveled house. Discount Foundation Repair Specialists is a contractor that prevents increased foundation damage to homes on pier and beam systems by offering house leveling services in Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Keller, Watauga, and the surrounding areas. To get a free evaluation of your property and reduce pier and beam foundation repair costs, call us now at (972) 740-2235.

DFR’s Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Service:

Pier and beam foundation repair contractor, Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington TX

  • Homeowners should contract experienced pier and beam foundation repair contractors like Discount Foundation Repair Specialists who have provided more than 35 years restoring foundations to their proper level. If your home is on piers and you notice sloping, sagging, or other uneven flooring issues.
  • Discount Foundation Repair Specialists installs pressed concrete foundation piers and pressed steel piers of excellent quality for fixing foundation damage on pier and beam houses in Dallas / Fort Worth area.
  • Don’t delay in calling to have your foundation repaired in order to prevent further costs that can grow extensively as foundation damage becomes exponentially worse over time. In fact, if you wait too long, a pier and beam house can sink until the house sees extremely expensive damage along the floors, walls, ceiling, and the entire house. Thanks to North Texas soil and weather, homes are more susceptible to foundation issues.
  • With every pier and beam foundation, there’s crawl space underneath that can rot, mold, and sccumb to warping. It’s a good idea to have a regular foundation inspection, especially when the weather has been more humid than usual. We can replace water and moisture damaged beams and flooring in your home.
pier and beam foundation repair

Get a Free Pier and Beam Evaluation and Estimate

If you think your house is no longer level and may be at risk of foundation damage because of noticeable symptoms, contact Discount Foundation Repair Specialists in Irving and Watauga using our simple online form. If it’s easier, just give us a call at (972) 740-2235.

Call for a FREE Homeowners Evaluation: (972) 740-2235
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