The Difference Between Foundation Settling and Foundation Trouble

You may find yourself sitting at your kitchen table, crunching away at a quick breakfast before work. As your eyes wander, probably still half asleep, you notice something that just isn't quite right. There seems to be a large crack at the base of your wall, one you never noticed before. Time continues and you put that pesky crack out of your mind. The next thing you know, your bathroom door starts to stick and [...]

Foundation Repair and Concrete Piers

Foundation repair comes in many shapes and sizes. One of the most commonly used repair options are piers, or large rods that are driven deep within the earth to load bearing bedrock that are used to take the weight off of your home's foundation. When you first start noticing the signs of your foundation shifting, some of the common things you will find in your google search are concrete piers. What Is Piering? [...]

Foundation Repair – Consequences For Homeowners Who Ignore The Problem

Foundation repair comes up in almost every home owner's lifespan. The horror stories out there are filled with high price tags and months of aggravation. But the fact of the matter is, if you keep your eye out for signs of damage from the beginning, then the repair cost can be minimized. You don't have to be a foundation repair specialist to know what to look for. Signs to Watch ForDamage to a foundation is just [...]

When Does Your Foundation Need To Be Leveled?

When you first start noticing your foundation settling it can be a confusing time. Does it always happen? Did you do something that could cause this to happen or is it abnormal?  The fact is, foundation settling is simply a matter of time. Gravity takes its toll on the home and it slowly sinks into the earth. The first year or two is the quickest in most cases, then it tapers off and becomes a very [...]

Protecting Your Home’s Foundation with Proper Surface Drainage and Barriers

Living in Texas has many challenges when it comes to home ownership. The last thing you want to see is foundation issues. One of the commonly overlooked, and detrimental pieces, is to make sure you have proper drainage around your home. Another is to properly protect your foundation with root barriers. Surface Drainage Surface drainage systems come in a few different types, but the main purpose is to keep water from piling up after a heavy rain [...]

Risk and Reward of DIY Foundation Repair

As most homeowners can attest, when things start to go wrong you tend to first look at DIY options. What can you do that will fix the issue but also save your wallet? This day and age most information is at your fingertips with a quick google search. But some things are a little more complicated.  Foundation problems are easy to spot, but not always easy to stop. If you are versed in foundation [...]

Steel Pier Systems for Foundation Repair in Fort Worth

As many veteran home owners know, with a house comes a few things that don't stick out until it's too late. Your foundation is a hidden factor that many people never have to deal with. But once you do, it's a daunting task that may have your mind spinning.  With time, you will find your foundation will settle or even sink, causing cracks in your walls or ceiling and doors that stick. At first, these seem [...]

Concrete Slab Foundation Leveling In Texas

Slab foundations are common in many places in the US, Texas being no special case. You could be looking for a new home, trying to update your current, or even just looking to level a building you have on your property. No matter the case, you might want to know what to look for. Foundation settling is natural. No matter how skilled the contractor is, the weight of the slab will [...]

Choose the Best Foundation Repair Contractor

Choose the Best Foundation Repair Contractor for Slab Foundations When looking for a slab foundation contractor, make sure they can provide you with warranty on any repair work that may need to be done. The soil in the Fort Worth area is constantly moving and having a foundation repair contractor who can help with any problems will save time and money. Just like other types of foundations in the metroplex, slab foundations have their [...]

8 Tips For Protecting Your Home’s Foundation In Spring

Foundation damage can wreck the integrity of your house, not to mention hit your bank account balance really hard. Luckily, there are ways that you can protect your foundation. Some of these methods are particularly useful for the coming hot months of a Texas summer in Fort Worth.   Get your foundation inspected - One of the best things you can do to protect your foundation is to get it inspected at least once [...]

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