Does Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Foundation Repairs?

Homeowners' insurance doesn't cover most foundation repairs. No. Homeowners' insurance doesn't cover most foundation repairs. There are exceptions such as flooding and earthquake damage that are pretty standard within insurance coverage, but foundation repair damage caused by home settling, cracking, bulging, shrinkage or expansion of the sidewalk, driveway, walls, floors, ceiling, and fences are not protected, because they are considered normal wear and tear that just happens with age. Homeowner's insurance is meant to solely protect against catastrophic damage that couldn't be prevented or delayed by the essential foundation care that is required of any home in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex. I bought an older home and found foundation repair damage that the last owner covered up. [...]

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How Often Should I Water My Foundation?

Due to North Texas climate extremes, it's important to know how often you should water your foundation. While the Dallas / Fort Worth area is known for heavy thunderstorms and for getting its' fair share of rain, it's important to take special care to prevent the soil around your foundation from drying out, causing cracks, sinking, and leveling issues in your home. Whether you have a pier and beam foundation or a cheaper concrete foundation, both are susceptible to dry soil, especially with the clay and rocky soil that defines the North Texas area. Humidity and Dry Arid Weather Affect How Often You Should Water Your Foundation Here in Dallas, Fort Worth Texas humidity and precipitation can be [...]

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How To Use A Soaker Hose For Foundation Watering

Using a soaker hose properly next to your foundation to provide the right amount of moisture during hot, dry months can protect your home's foundation from the summer climate change. Alternatively, placing your water hose too close to your foundation can cause the the ground directly next to your home to swell. With the soil here in North Texas, it's best to keep your soaker hose about two feet away from your property's foundation. The goal is to ensure that the slab doesn't become dry, so keeping it moderately wet in the mornings before the hotter period of the day comes, will help protect your foundation. Water Soaker Tips: If you notice that the ground is staying too wet [...]

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Foundation Repair Costs Dallas Fort Worth, TX

What Foundation Repair Costs In Dallas, Fort Worth, TX. If you are looking to find out what foundation repair costs in Dallas, Fort Worth, TX it's always best to ask the experts. Foundation repair contractor costs can vary greatly during the bidding process, because some companies assume that the damage is worse than the initial evaluation shows. As a Dallas / Fort Worth property owner, you will want to have at least three evaluations made of your property before you make a decision. At Discount Foundation Repair we offer free evaluations and estimates. Keep in mind that foundation repair costs can vary depending upon many variables including: Size of the foundation The number of foundation piers that need leveling [...]

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Does Your Foundation Need Repairs?

Your home’s foundation sits underneath you and supports everything you care about every day, but yet it's hardly a passing thought. So, it's not surprising that many North East Texas home owners overlook or miss the first signs of foundation damage. The question arises now, most likely because you've already seen a sign and you're asking the question: Does Your Foundation Need Repairs? Unless you know what to look for and keep an eye out for, foundation damage can easily spread. Many of the signs of foundation repair are not obvious until the problem has grown beyond just a simple repair. Identifying the signs that your foundation needs repairs can prevent the damage from spreading across your property before [...]

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Foundation Maintenance Tips

Foundation Maintenance Tips The 10 tips for foundation maintenance in the Irving, Fort Worth, Watauga, Keller TX areas. At Discount Foundation Repair Specialists we know it’s important to care for the foundation of your home. By protecting your foundation from sinking, you can prevent serious foundation issues that could end up costing you $10,000 or more. So be sure to save yourself the stress and the potential financial emergency by keeping up with your regular foundation maintenance. Your house is more than just a building, it’s your home and where you and your family live. That’s why we provide these 10 hints to prevent serious foundation damage from occurring to your home. Tip #1 – Protect Foundations in [...]

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Buying a House with Foundation Issues

Buying A House With Foundation Issues The foundation of your home is the structural support and plays a fundamental role in the stability and integrity of the rest of your house. For this reason, when you are considering buying a house with foundation issues it’s important to get a structural evaluation of the house prior to purchase from a residential structural engineer approved evaluator to receive an accurate foundation repair estimate. It will also allow you to understand whether the repair is worth having done yourself and if so, talk to the buyer into lowering the costs of the home. How Do You Know if You Have Foundation Problems? There are many different clues that can become more [...]

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