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  • Are You Looking for Foundation Repair in Irving TX?

    Look no further, because we are your foundation repair specialist.

    If your home or business foundation isn't level, Discount Foundation Repair Specialist can level your property foundation if you have:

    • Sloping Floors
    • Cracks in Sheetrock Walls or Bricks
    • Separation of Joints
    • Sticky Doors Not Lining Up
    • Floor Cracks and Separations

    Welcome to Discount Foundation Repair Specialist, a family owned business for over 30 years! Locally owned and operated by Bruce Talmadge, Discount Foundation Repair Specialist has been serving customers in Irving TX and the surrounding areas since 1984.

    Our Foundation Repair Teams


    Each of our professional and highly experienced foundation repair teams consists of trusted experts in repairing residential and commercial grade concrete slabs, and pier and beam foundations. We are always respectful of your time and quick to perform the best quality repairs to your 100% satisfaction.

    Most repairs can be completed in 1-2 days.

    Our Foundation Repair Services

    • Slab Foundation Repair
    • Pier and Beam Foundation Repair
    • Steel Pier System
      • Cable Lock
      • Pier Adjustments
    • Concrete Foundation Repair
      • Concrete Pier Repair
        • Concrete Pier Blocks
        • Concrete Pier Pads
    • Concrete Beam Repair 
    • Drainage Repair & Correction
      • French Drains
      • Root Barriers
    • House Levelling
    • Raise Grade Beams
    • Home Perimeter Lifting

     Some of the highlights included with our foundation repair services are:

    • Highly Skilled Professionals with Over 25 Years Experience
    • Using Latest State of the Art Digital Equipment to Measure Floor Elevations to Nearest .01 in.
    • Amazing Quality at Discount Prices
    • Fast & Friendly Service - See our Testimonials
    • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Call Now to Level Your Home or Business

    Call us at (972) 740-2235 to schedule a free foundation repair consultation. We are your local foundation repair professionals and promise to be accurate, timely, and professional. Our structural design team will create a repair diagram plan and estimate the same day.

  • Thanks so much for the great service. You have been in business since 1962 and the experience you have is outstanding. Bruce is knowledgeable and nice. Rodney is experienced and friendly as well. Thanks for a good experience.

    Rating: Susan E.

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