Living in Texas has many challenges when it comes to home ownership. The last thing you want to see is foundation issues. One of the commonly overlooked, and detrimental pieces, is to make sure you have proper drainage around your home. Another is to properly protect your foundation with root barriers. 

Surface Drainage


Surface drainage systems come in a few different types, but the main purpose is to keep water from piling up after a heavy rain or extended storm. Water collects and causes “Heaving” of the foundation that results in stress to the structure in question. With time, cracks can form and the water will begin to work its way into the foundation.


To prevent this you can verify you have a proper drainage system in place.

French Drainage System


The most common system you will find in place for surface draining is the French Drainage System. It is a trench covered with gravel, rock or other eye pleasing materials that redirect the water away from a pooling area. There is a hollow pipe that lays underneath the gravel that captures the water that dropped from above. This is primarily used to stop water from migrating underneath the foundation. A secondary feature is that French Drains can be used behind retaining walls to relieve “Hydrostatic Pressure” or the pressure of liquid due to gravity. 


French Drainage can also help minimize or eliminate crawl space drainage issues.

Protecting Your Home’s Foundation with Proper Surface Drainage and Barriers

Root Barrier


Everyone can attest that nature is one force you simply can’t stop. The continued growth of the flora around you is a beautiful and needed thing, but sometimes it comes a little too close to home. Tree roots are a slow intruder, but a very stubborn one. With time, a tree will exert a significant amount of pressure on the foundation of your home or other structures (Work sheds, detached garage, etc..) while they search for nutrients and sources of water. Root barriers are subsurface walls or buffers which are designed to redirect tree roots and prevent roots from spreading underneath your foundation. 


Root barriers are usually made of strong metal or hard plastic, something that can withstand the massive amount of pressure these roots can put up against your foundation. There are other options, like Chemical Tree Root Inhibitors, but these are not for use around playgrounds or places with children due to it being toxic to both trees and humans. Please discuss your options with your trusted foundation repair experts. 


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