Foundation Maintenance Tips

The 10 tips for foundation maintenance in the Irving, Fort Worth, Watauga, Keller TX areas. At Discount Foundation Repair Specialists we know it’s important to care for the foundation of your home. By protecting your foundation from sinking, you can prevent serious foundation issues that could end up costing you $10,000 or more. So be sure to save yourself the stress and the potential financial emergency by keeping up with your regular foundation maintenance. Your house is more than just a building, it’s your home and where you and your family live. That’s why we provide these 10 hints to prevent serious foundation damage from occurring to your home.

10 Foundation Maintenance Tips

Tip #1 – Protect Foundations in Irving, Fort Worth, Watauga, Keller TX with These Foundation Maintenance Tips

Cracks in the walls are generally the signs of major foundation problems and structural issues in your Dallas / Fort Worth home. With the extreme variations in in temperature and precipitation throughout the year, Northeast Texas weather can cause a variety of foundation problems. If you notice any sign of foundation issues, call a contractor like Discount Foundation Repair Specialists. We’ll provide a free evaluation and, and if repairs are necessary, we can prevent the damage from spreading and become more costly.

Tip#2 – Regularly Inspect Your Home for Damage, Cracks, & Insects

Foundation issues can show up through many clear signs when the damage has had time to worsen, usually over months and possibly years. By regularly inspecting your home for cracks on the wall near doors and windows, separated door frames, doors getting stuck, and insects appearing in places they shouldn’t be. These seemingly small signs are just glimpses into the true damage of the sinking of the structure at different points.

Tip#3 – Maintain a Constant Level of Moisture: Prevent Moisture Build Up

It’s important to prevent moisture build up around the foundation in order to protect the structural integrity of the slab. If moisture builds up, it can cause the foundation to sink as well as crack after it dries. This can be especially dangerous in the Northeast Texas regions with the famous April showers and extremely hot and dry summers that can follow. In winter, moisture can also build up with the precipitation and rise in humidity. The cold in Texas cuts through concrete as well as our bones and joints.

Tip #4 – Prevent Foundation Repair Issues with a good Drainage System

One great way to prevent foundation repair issues is with a drainage system that keeps water away from the house rather than sitting near it’s foundation.

Tip #5 – Slope

Along with a good drainage system, having your house up on a slope can keep water runoff moving away from your home.

Tip #6 – Put Flower Beds 4 in. Below the Level of the House

Flower beds are require watering, which means there’s water retained that soaks into the ground. If that water sits too close to the foundation, that can cause more damage. Place flower beds away from and below the house with a protective barrier to prevent moisture buildup.

Tip #7 – Keep large trees at a distance (Can also use a root barrier)

Tree roots can cause major damage to a foundation or bedrock. Since soil in Texas is generally only good for a few feet deep, tree’s will grow roots where there’s least resistance: Away from the base of the tree. Place a secure root barrier around your foundation to prevent trees from

Tip #8 – Have your plumbing inspected regularly (1-2 years)

One of the worst causes in foundation damage is from faulty plumbing. This can be something as small as a little leak, or as bad as a flood. Leaky plumbing can cause serious damage to your foundation as the water builds up. To protect your home, check for leaks inside and around your home. Be sure to check:

  • Your sewer line
  • Water lines
  • Piping under sinks
  • Plumbing system

Tip #9 – Maintain an Indoor Temperature

In the summer and winter, maintaining the indoor temperature of your home can help prevent the slab from expanding or contracting. This means when you’re gone for trips or leave your home unattended, it’s best not to turn off the A/C or the heating in order to protect the foundations integrity.

Tip #10 – Contact a Structural Engineer

Our last, and most important tip is that if you start to see any of these foundation repair problems, ask a trusted contractor like discount Foundation Repair Specialists to provide a free evaluation of your foundation. It’s always best to avoid foundation repair if possible.