Buying A House With Foundation Issues

The foundation of your home is the structural support and plays a fundamental role in the stability and integrity of the rest of your house. For this reason, when you are considering buying a house with foundation issues it’s important to get a structural evaluation of the house prior to purchase from a residential structural engineer approved evaluator to receive an accurate foundation repair estimate. It will also allow you to understand whether the repair is worth having done yourself and if so, talk to the buyer into lowering the costs of the home.

Buying a House with Foundation Issues

How Do You Know if You Have Foundation Problems?

There are many different clues that can become more apparent as foundation problems worsen over time, and many of theses are signs show that there have been foundational issues in the home for much longer. By reporting these foundation problems, you can help the structural engineer approved evaluator quickly spot and diagnose the true cause of the damaged foundation.

Here’s 15 foundation problems to look for before you call a structural engineer approved evaluator about buying a house with foundation repair issues:

  1. Foundation Cracks
  2. Foundation Settling/Sinking
  3. Foundation Upheaval
  4. Cracked Bricks
  5. Wall Cracks
  6. Ceiling Cracks
  7. Curving Walls
  8. Gaps between wall and floor
  9. Sticking Doors (uneven with door frame)
  10. Cracked Door Frames
  11. Cracked Window Frames
  12. Fixtures separating from walls
  13. Sloping Floors
  14. Separation of corner frieze board
  15. Brick Expansion Joint Opening Up
Foundation problems to look for

Is it Safe to Live in a House with Foundation Issues

While serious foundation repairs can be costly, most residential foundation cracks and home levelling services only cost between $3,000 – $10,000 and can be quite worth the investment in an otherwise great property.

Is the house you’re looking at buying sinking down a major hill?

If yes, then you should definitely look at having a structural engineer approved evaluator take a look before you think any further of buying a home.

But, since we’re talking about Northeast Texas in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, most homes aren’t built on steep slopes. This is good news, because most of these homes ARE worth investing a few thousand dollars into for foundation repairs.

Foundation Issues in Old Homes

It’s expected that the likelihood of foundation damage will rise with the age of the home. Because of this, it’s easier to ask for a lower price than the seller initially offers.

At what point is a home considered old? We believe that a home over 25 years old is considered old and you can begin to expect to see more structural problems including cracks, sloping floors, etc.


Not only does the ground shift slowly over time, but things like termites, mold, and general wear and tear overlooked and more likely to exist in a house.

Foundation Repair Evaluation: No Sales Pitch, Just Honesty

Based in Irving, Texas and Watauga, Texas Discount foundation Repair Specialists have built a reputation over 35 years of being honest and providing FREE foundation repair evaluations to guide you in whether foundation repair is right for you.

Recently, we had a gentleman call asking for our foundation repair services. When we arrived and performed the evaluation, we quickly realized he didn’t need anything done and that his foundation was in good condition. We were able to happily provide him the good news.

We have a strict honesty policy that ensures that we will never offer our services without just cause. We always have your best interest at heart.

Foundation Repair Estimates

Did our foundation repair evaluations bring to light some damage that needs repairing?

If so, we will provide the most accurate estimate we can before we fix any cracks, home leveling, or other issue your home may have.

Deciding to Buy a House with Foundation Issues

When you do decide to purchase a home with foundation issues, our foundation repair specialists are ready to provide repairs and help you prepare to move into your new home quickly wand with peace of mind.