Your home’s foundation sits underneath you and supports everything you care about every day, but yet it’s hardly a passing thought. So, it’s not surprising that many North East Texas home owners overlook or miss the first signs of foundation damage. The question arises now, most likely because you’ve already seen a sign and you’re asking the question: Does Your Foundation Need Repairs?

Unless you know what to look for and keep an eye out for, foundation damage can easily spread. Many of the signs of foundation repair are not obvious until the problem has grown beyond just a simple repair. Identifying the signs that your foundation needs repairs can prevent the damage from spreading across your property before it becomes a hazard to the rest of the structure of your home.

does your foundation need repairs

Top 3 Signs your Foundation Needs Repairs

While you could spend a few hours every month or two scanning your entire home’s foundation for damage out of paranoia, we feel like it would be a great idea to keep an eye out for the 3 easiest to spot and most common signs that your home does need foundation repair. While compiling this list, we took into consideration the thousands of properties we’ve visited over the past 30+ years to determine what would be most time efficient and noticeable for you in your day-to-day life.

Next time you get the chance, take a walk around your Dallas / Fort Worth home to look for:

  1. Wall & Ceiling Cracks: It’s most easily noted that when there’s wall or ceiling cracks that there has been some major shift in the foundation. The formation of the crack can give more clues as to the cause and the amount of damage to your foundation.
    • Interior cracks are easily the most noticeable, and
    • Mortar cracks, if small, are usually nothing to worry about.
    • Exterior cracks can also be angular in an L-shape due to having your home built on a hill or something minor, not a severe foundation problem. However, it’s best to check with one of our experts.
    • Continual stair step cracks are signs of severe damage and should be handled by a professional immediately.
    • The worst cracks of all are horizontal cracks caused by water saturation and more extensive damage. These generally require the foundation to be replaced.
  2. Sticky Doors and Windows: Have you had trouble closing closet and bathroom doors? Do you see light coming in from the front or back doors? Or maybe, doors close, but don’t latch or lock shut. Uneven shifting of the foundation can cause these irritating problems. While there’s temporary fixes to adjusting the door, it’s best to solve the actual problem. Give us a call at (972) 740-2235 for a more permanent solution.
  3. Sloped Floors: It’s easy to notice sloped floors if you set a ball down and it begins rolling in one direction or if it’s bad enough, your chairs could be wobbly on the floor too. Either way, it’s a sure sign that you have some foundation issues that need to be corrected before they cause more harm.

A Complete List of the Signs Your Foundation is Damaged

  1. Foundation Cracks
  2. Foundation Settling/Sinking
  3. Foundation Upheaval
  4. Cracked Bricks
  5. Wall Cracks
  6. Ceiling Cracks
  7. Curving Walls
  8. Gaps between wall and floor
  9. Sticking Doors (uneven with door frame)
  10. Cracked Door Frames
  11. Cracked Window Frames
  12. Fixtures separating from walls
  13. Sloping Floors
  14. Separation of corner frieze board
  15. Brick Expansion Joint Opening Up

Call (972) 740-2235 to schedule a free evaluation or ask any questions so your Discount Foundation Repair Specialist can provide peace of mind before your foundation damage spreads. We can also be reached through our online form.