The foundation of a building seems like an immovable object. Though it is rare to have severe foundation issues, it is something every homeowner or business owner needs to be aware of. If possible, it is recommended to have your foundation checked yearly. 

Even if you stay on top of the yearly checks, knowing the process on how concrete is leveled for a home or building goes a long way in preparing you to look for a good, reliable company.

Our Foundation Leveling Process

  1. Measurements – The first step in determining the severity of the “settling” your concrete slab has done is to take measurements in each room. Four corners to a room, every room of the building. This allows the company to verify where the foundation has shifted the most and how much the slab will need to be adjusted for a level surface. Many companies will use these measurements to create a diagram of your home, having a visual aid they can use and share with you. 
  2. Outside Inspection – The next step is to move outside, digging around the slab so they can visually inspect for cracks, double check windows for separation, and make sure all vital supports are undamaged. Any damage or strain should match up with the measurements from inside the home and help pinpoint the most vital spots to place the piers. This also allows for repairs to be done before any piers are put in place. Severe slab settling can cause damage within the piping for the home so some owners will use this opportunity to call in a plumber if they feel the need.
Concrete Slab Leveling Process
  1. Installation of Piers – Depending on your area and severity of flooding, as well as the story of the building, depicts whether the piers should be steel or concrete. Most private homes have no problems with the cheaper, but almost as sturdy,  concrete piers. Using the measurements from within the home and the hands on inspection, the piers will be placed in vital spots between four to six feet apart. 
  2. Leveling the Slab – Using a house jack, the workers will slowly but surely lift the building by hand without compromising the structure. As they place the piers and level the home, someone will be going inside the home periodically to measure the rooms again to verify the correct level changes. For minute changes, a metal wedge will be used in tandem with a sledge hammer to insure the slab is level. 
  3. The Cleanup – When the slab is secure and level, the workers will then clean up any debris and begin filling in the holes. Water will be used to make the dirt into mud to insure all cracks and gaps will be filled. Many companies will then place extra dirt and create a slope to prevent water from pooling near the structure in the future. Some companies will then double check the security of the doors and windows to make sure the home can be locked until or if the owner needs to replace the doors. 

Concrete Slab Foundation Leveling In Fort Worth, Grapevine, and Irving

With the right amount of knowledge, finding an appropriate foundation repair expert is easier than you might think. Here at Discount Foundation Repair of North East Texas, we strive to make your stressful repair an enjoyable one. With over 30 years of experience, our family owned business does whatever it takes to ensure your foundation repair is done accurately and professionally. Please give us a call for a free homeowners evaluation.