Foundation repair comes in many shapes and sizes. One of the most commonly used repair options are piers, or large rods that are driven deep within the earth to load bearing bedrock that are used to take the weight off of your home’s foundation. When you first start noticing the signs of your foundation shifting, some of the common things you will find in your google search are concrete piers. 

What Is Piering?

Let’s look at Piering in general. 


  • Wide design variety
  • Minimal disruption to the soil and ground around the foundation
  • No extensive excavation
  • Easier access to fix plumbing issues (if present)
  • Maintenance and inspections are easier


There are many reasons why homeowners go with concrete piers over their steel brothers. Concrete is extremely solid, reliable, and withstands the test of time. It has also been used for countless years and is the most widely used substance for man made structures. These piers are not your run of the mill concrete as they are highly condensed, increasing its already formidable structural integrity. You also avoid the use of heavy equipment that would be needed to transport the steel versions. 

A secondary, and by far not the least consideration, is the cost effectiveness. Concrete is relatively cheap in comparison to a lot of other materials. The simple fact is, piers made of concrete are easier and cheaper to make than those of steel.

Foundation Repair and Concrete Piers

Concrete vs Steel Piers


One of the biggest cons of concrete is that they are a shorter reach into the earth than steel. 

Where steel can reach over 70 feet into the ground, concrete has a limit of somewhere in the 12 to 20 feet range. The goal is to make sure you are below the freezing line of the soil. In some areas, this is easily accomplished with concrete and the extra depth isn’t needed. 


A second factor to contend with is the longevity of concrete. Where it does last a very long time, steel lasts that much longer. Concrete piers can last upwards of 75 years with no issues. Steel Piers last over 150. 


And last but not least, installing the Concrete version of piers is a lengthy task. It can take upwards of a week or two to get the concrete set and installed correctly, depending on the size of the foundation in question. 

Concrete And Steel Pier Repair In Fort Worth

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