You may find yourself sitting at your kitchen table, crunching away at a quick breakfast before work. As your eyes wander, probably still half asleep, you notice something that just isn’t quite right. There seems to be a large crack at the base of your wall, one you never noticed before. Time continues and you put that pesky crack out of your mind. The next thing you know, your bathroom door starts to stick and rub when it used to move smoothly. 

These things are signs of either foundation settling or serious foundation problems. What are other signs you can look out for?

  • Seeping in the basement
  • Walls are not aligned with the framing
  • Cracks in cement walls in the basement
  • Chimney cracks, leaning, or separation from the building
  • Cracks in exterior
  • Sticking windows
  • Trim or molding coming off


Now, the first bit of information that can help relieve your mind is that there are two periods of settling for your foundation. The first and foremost happens within the first few years of a new home. A lot of preparation is usually done before a contractor lays a foundation for a home, testing the soil and verifying the integrity. But even with the best conditions, the weight of the foundation will cause it to settle into the earth. This is usually minimal if the foundation is well done, but can cause the above mentioned as well.

The Difference Between Foundation Settling and Foundation Trouble

The second settling occurs over time as the building ages and is a long term, gradual thing. This is a natural process and all structures go through this. As long as you follow proper foundation care, you will usually see minimal signs of this happening. 


But What if It’s Severe? 


Now, the signs for foundation settling are the same for foundation trouble, but escalated greatly. There are also some differences.


  • Visible cracks in the foundation
  • Wall cracks in the interior of the building
  • Roof cracks


You should never notice a lot or all of these signs at once, or one right after the other. This usually indicates a severe foundation issue. But there is really only one surefire way to know what you are looking at, and that’s with an expert


Whether it’s one small crack on your wall, or you suddenly notice multiple signs, Discount Foundation Repair Experts are here to help. We offer a free homeowner evaluation and spare no time or expense in our inspection. With well over 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves in 100% satisfaction guaranteed when it comes to our customers. A foundation of a home is the foundation of a family and Discount Foundation Repair takes that seriously. Reach out to us today to schedule an evaluation.