Using a soaker hose properly next to your foundation to provide the right amount of moisture during hot, dry months can protect your home’s foundation from the summer climate change. Alternatively, placing your water hose too close to your foundation can cause the the ground directly next to your home to swell. With the soil here in North Texas, it’s best to keep your soaker hose about two feet away from your property’s foundation. The goal is to ensure that the slab doesn’t become dry, so keeping it moderately wet in the mornings before the hotter period of the day comes, will help protect your foundation.

Water Soaker Tips:

If you notice that the ground is staying too wet even after the midday heat, or that the ground is beginning to pull away from your foundation slab, then you should adjust your soaker hose settings to compensate.

Be sure to keep consistent water pressure in your soaker hose. Most water lines can only provide consistent pressure to about 50 feet of of soaker hose line. If you have multiple outdoor water sources, it’s best to split up the work.

Use Soaker Hoses For Foundation Watering in Dallas, Fort Worth, TX area to prevent foundation problems.

Why Should You Soak Your Foundation With Water?

If you own a home in the Dallas, Fort Worth area you should be taking proper care of your foundation all year round. That especially includes the hot summer months from June to August where the heat zaps the moisture out of every living thing. Some years are hotter than others, reaching 115 degrees Fahrenheit at times in July and August, but either way, North Texas can be extremely hot which doesn’t bode well for your unprotected foundation.

But, wait! You can protect your foundation by simply using a soaker hose on a daily basis. Simple foundation maintenance can help prevent future foundation problems, and our tip for you this summer is to keep your home’s foundation moist.

If you have any questions about maintaining the proper moisture around your home’s foundation, call Discount Foundation Repair Specialists. We’re happy to provide an evaluation and offer our foundation repair expertise.

How Often Should You Water Your Foundation?

Since Texas weather can vary greatly from day-to-day, be sure to keep your foundation under close observation on that same basis. If it’s a hot, dry day when you step out in the morning, go ahead and set the soaker hose to run for a bit. Usually 15 – 45 minutes should be plenty depending on the heat you’re expecting. Just remember to water every hot, arid day that could cause a drastic change in the density of the dirt around your home.

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