Homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover most foundation repairs.

No. Homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover most foundation repairs. There are exceptions such as flooding and earthquake damage that are pretty standard within insurance coverage, but foundation repair damage caused by home settling, cracking, bulging, shrinkage or expansion of the sidewalk, driveway, walls, floors, ceiling, and fences are not protected, because they are considered normal wear and tear that just happens with age.

Homeowner’s insurance is meant to solely protect against catastrophic damage that couldn’t be prevented or delayed by the essential foundation care that is required of any home in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex.

I bought an older home and found foundation repair damage that the last owner covered up. Will insurance help pay the foundation repairs?

No! Buyer beware to look for any possible pre-existing foundation damage before you buy a house. Insurance policies for homeowners’ don’t cover any pre-existing damage, even if the seller purposefully hid that knowledge.

One way to protect yourself from making a purchase that could cost you over $10,000 is to give our foundation experts a call and hire us to complete a full evaluation of the house’s foundation, and if there is any damage we’ll provide a free estimate on the spot.*

*We’ll need to get permission from the current homeowner to be able to perform the foundation evaluation.

Does Homeowners' Insurance Cover Foundation Repairs

Are new homes covered for foundation damage?

While homeowner’s insurance has very limited coverage, builder’s insurance can cover some costs up to 10 years.

First, attempt to find the reason for the foundation damage, whether it’s simply ground shifting, nearby construction, or even poorly designed when the home was built.

You will also want to check with your home builder’s insurance company to assess what they do and do not cover.

Sometimes, related causes can null out the protection of the other potential cause(s) of foundation damage. For example:

Say your house has been settling for years unnoticeably, and then a pipe bursts adding water damage that causes more extensive damage to your foundation. The settling of the house was the initial cause for the pipe bursting, so the damage wouldn’t be covered.

Choose The Best Foundation Company in Dallas Fort Worth

Whether or not your foundation damage is covered by your homeowners’ insurance or your builders’ insurance, your home deserves the proper care by experts that have nearly 40 years in the Foundation Repair business. Give Discount Foundation Repair Specialists a call at (972) 740-2235 or fill out our easy to use online form to schedule your foundation evaluation.