The time to fix a foundation repair can vary depending upon the weather, size of the property, the extent of damage it has suffered, as well as the type of ground and materials required to properly repair the foundation. With good weather conditions, our expert team of foundation repair specialists can rapidly repair most home foundations within just 1-3 business days. For larger projects with rain, it may take up to two weeks. While this is rare, we can only give our best estimate and we stand by our record at being time-efficient foundation repair specialists in the North Texas area.

If you need your home’s foundation repaired on a tight schedule, or want to make sure that you prepare the proper amount of time for the repair to be completed and you’re currently the homeowner, schedule a free home foundation evaluation to get an accurate estimate based on the expected conditions and a price quote to help plan out your foundation service repair.

How Long Does It Take To Repair a Foundation

What Determines How Long To Repair Your Foundation

  1. The Weather: Rain and sleet in North Texas can slow down many outdoor projects at times, but we know how to plan our work around it and still ensure that your foundation is completely level by the time we’re done.
  2. How Extensive The Damage Is: Foundation damage continues to get worse over time, the longer the source goes unresolved. Fixing the foundation by leveling the house early on can save thousands on repairs from extensive damage.
  3. Size and Scope of the Work: The larger the property, the more work required. A small 1200 sq. ft house is a lot easier and faster to repair than a larger 2 story – 3,500 sq. ft. house.