Is your home in need of foundation repair?

Are you thinking about fixing your foundation on your own to save money?

Before you firm up your decision, think of how important your home is to you, because you could be sacrificing the quality and value of your home with DIY foundation repair. Many homeowners have attempted or even completed projects around the house and then when the signs of foundation repair show up, think that they can tackle this job just like any of the others. But, successful completion of a foundation repair requires an experienced supervisor that knows what to look for, where to adjust, and how much to change as well as a team of trained individuals who have the experience to make those adjustments. A well-constructed and maintained foundation is the structural backbone to your home, but also provides protection against water and moisture damage, as well as increases its value.

Why You Shouldn’t Try DIY Foundation Repair

At Discount Foundation Repair, we do our very best to provide excellent service without charging you an arm and a leg. However, we don’t recommend DIY foundation repair for the following reasons:

Lack of Commercial Equipment and Tools

As with any commercial industry, we operate using commercially bought and specialized equipment and tools that can’t be bought individually or from the manufacturer.

Some foundation repairs my require pier and beam products to lift and level your foundation, or possibly excavation equipment to get the right positioning needed to fix a serious foundation problem. Other repairs may need high-pressure epoxy injections in cracks and openings which would require individuals to find and purchase equipment that is usually only provided for sale at the commercial level for safety and legal purposes.

These purchases are not only extremely expensive, but impractical to purchase as an individual home owner. However, without these tools you risk damaging your home’s foundation.

DIY Foundation Repair

Potential Structural and Property Damage

As with any structural and property repair such as foundation repair, there is a high risk of miscalculation, damage, and other side effects from inexperience. The services we provide require years of training and experience to prevent mishaps and damage. With costly projects such as foundation repair, it’s not a situation where you want or can afford to make a mistake.

Possible Failure to Pass Inspection During Resale

If your home doesn’t pass a complete home inspection by a professional home inspector, then they can prevent you from selling your home. If your DIY foundation repairs are sloppy or lacking in any number of specifications, home inspectors can determine your foundation to be sub-par, which can affect how easy it is for your to sell your home.

Every home buyer want a house that they can trust. Something as basic as a foundation is one of the top priorities of home buyer decisions. If you can’t trust the foundation of the home, then the value of the house drops rapidly because of all the potential problems it can create throughout your home.

You Might Not Have Foundation Damage

Without a thorough foundation inspection, you can be sure whether the cracks in your walls, floors, or uneven flooring is actually caused by foundation damage. There are various causes that can be the underlying issue.

If you attempt to adjust the beams of your home without knowing for sure that it’s the problem, you could cause extensive and costly damages that would need repairs by a professional foundation company even faster than originally anticipated. By hiring a professional foundation expert to confirm that you do have foundation damage or not, you can prevent causing additional damage from a do-it-yourself repair. Our foundation repair specialists have the training, experience, tools, and necessary skills to recognize foundation and other related problem, their causes, and offer the best solution.