Brick homes are extremely popular in Fort Worth, especially in new construction neighborhoods. They are popular for good reason, too: brick is very durable and has a much stronger protection against extreme wind. When it comes to foundation repair for a brick house, things can get a bit more complicated and expensive. That’s why you should always have a professional foundation specialist inspect your foundation if you suspect issues.

Are Cracks In Brick Houses Normal?

In other new homes, small cracks that appear are often attributed to the foundation settling. These types of cracks are generally expected and inexpensive to repair. For brick houses, however, the view on this is very different.

In a new brick house you can possibly find very small, thin cracks as the foundation settles. Just like any other type of home, these cracks are not highly alarming but they should still be repaired. Still, if a brick house is built properly then cracks of any kind should be fairly rare. Larger cracks, especially after a new construction, are not a good sign.

Are Cracked Brick Walls A Sign of Foundation Damage?

Like any crack, it’s not a guaranteed sign of foundation damage. An evaluation from a professional Fort Worth foundation specialist will be able to tell you the extent of damage, if there is any. 

Since brick isn’t necessarily supposed to crack, cracks in the brick are often caused by foundation issues. Brick is porous which allows the material to naturally expand and contract over time. This could cause tiny cracks especially in the extreme weather conditions that homes are subjected to in North Texas.

To try and determine if the cracks in your brick house are due to foundation issues, take a look at the shape, thickness, and length of the crack. There are three main types of cracks that you may observe in a brick house:

  • Stair-step shaped cracks in a brick house – of the three main types of cracks in a brick house, ones shaped like a staircase are the least alarming. In fact, these are very common in the grout between bricks as the foundation settles.
  • Horizontal cracks in a brick house – these cracks in a brick house almost always point to foundation issues. Horizontal cracks are typically caused by the soil around the house pushing against the foundation. Failure to repair these foundation issues can lead to much more catastrophic damage including a collapsed wall.
  • Vertical cracks in a brick house – vertical cracks in a brick house are also an indicator of foundation issues. These cracks will usually appear because the ground that the foundation is sitting on is shifting.
3 things to know about brick house foundation repair

Can Brick Walls Be Repaired?

Luckily, brick house foundation damage can be repaired. It’s especially important to repair any cracks in the brick walls because these can become exponentially worse. Another reason it’s vital to repair brick walls as early as possible is because it is more expensive to repair brick walls. Brick wall repair enters the realm of masonry, which takes its own type of expertise.

Brick House Foundation Repair in Fort Worth

Although cracks in a brick house are likely to point towards foundation issues, it’s not always a guarantee. If there are indicators in the brick that make you suspect there is foundation damage, there are probably other indicators, too. Common signs of brick house foundation issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Sagging or uneven floors
  • Cracked drywall
  • Stuck doors and windows
  • Gaps in doors and windows

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