Foundation damage that is ignored can turn into a huge issue as time goes on, which is why getting your foundation fixed sooner rather than later is so important. Discount Foundation Repair of North Texas is the perfect foundation repair company for you to call to keep your foundation in good repair. But how do you know when to call us? Knowing these 7 super common signs of foundation damage will allow you to stay ahead so you can get your foundation repaired before things get worse.

1. Interior Cracks In The Walls Or Floors

Cracks in the walls or the floors are never a good sign. Knowing the difference in the types of cracks will help you to determine how urgent the issue is. When you notice cracks appearing on the interior walls or floors, this is usually a sign of foundation issues. Check the rest of your house to see if you can find any other cracks. If you find one and it’s a foundation issue, you’ll likely find others.

2. Exterior Wall Cracks

Just like interior cracks, the same types of cracks apply to the exterior as well. Exterior cracks can sometimes be a sign of foundation damage that might be a bit more urgent. The common culprit for exterior cracks is a settling foundation. Small, thin cracks are usually not a cause for alarm. But as cracks grow longer and wider, the severity increases.

8 common signs of foundation damage in north texas

3. Sticking Doors

Assuming they were installed correctly, doors that start to stick or drag are a sign of foundation damage. Keep in mind that certain weather conditions can cause doors to stick, so if it only lasts for a few days then you can relax a bit. Doors that are always sticking, however, are another story. This happens when the foundation has some abnormal movement causing the door to be uneven. The result is the door being higher in one area while lower in another, causing it to stick in the threshold or drag against the ground.

4. Sticking Windows And Window Gaps

Windows can also have issues when there is foundation damage. As the damage causes the foundation to move, it can cause misalignments with windows making them difficult to open and close. Additionally, you may notice gaps appearing around the windows. This is another sign of foundation damage, and you’ll want to get this fixed ASAP. Not only is it a sign of foundation damage, it creates an opening for outside air and pests into your home.

5. Sagging or Uneven Floors

Floors should be flat and level in every home. When a foundation settles or has other damage, floors can become uneven. These changes are likely to be so subtle at first that you might not even notice. But if you notice that your floors are starting to slope, sag, or just feel uneven, then you should call a professional foundation repair company.

6. Pier and Beam – Damp Crawl Space

These next to common signs are mostly specific to houses with a pier and beam foundation. Homes with this type of foundation will have a crawl space beneath the house. If constructed correctly, this crawl space should be relatively dry. If your crawl space is often damp or humid, however, that is a sign that you could have foundation damage. The most common result is wood rot, which we’ll go over next.

7. Pier and Beam – Wood Rot

Wood rot occurs in pier and beam foundations when the wooden elements are exposed to high humidity for a long period of time. The moisture settles into the wood, causing it to dampen and soften which will harm its structural integrity. Wood rot, like the name suggests, will slowly deteriorate the wood. The longer that wood rot remains, the more damage that your foundation will have over time.

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