Sometimes it seems like it’s human nature to put off fixing or repairing things until it’s absolutely necessary. But as you may know, this is generally a bad idea as something that is broken but is still being used will likely cause even more damage. The same applies to the foundation of your home regardless of the type of foundation. Whether you have a concrete slab foundation or a pier and beam foundation, both require maintenance and repairs when necessary to keep costs from piling up.

When You Need To Repair Your Foundation

When it comes to human nature, we also have a tendency to sometimes overreact or over think when damage pops up. It’s important to know when your foundation actually needs repairs and when you just need to keep an eye on it. For example, finding small cracks isn’t necessarily a sign that your foundation has issues that require repairs. Cracks that ¼ of an inch or less are typically caused by the natural settling of the house and shouldn’t be a major cause for alarm. You should, however, be vigilant and monitor any cracks you find. If the cracks get worse, that could be the beginning signs of foundation issues.

Why Is Fixing Your Foundation Important

Luckily, there are some obvious signs of potential foundation issues to be aware of. In fact, these issues can often be spotted while you are going about your day-to-day activities in and around your home. Some of the most common signs of foundation issues are:

  • Cracks in the walls – whether it’s a crack in the sheetrock or the bricks on the outside of the home, cracks in the walls are a very common indicator of foundation issues.
  • Sagging and slopes – if you notice a slight sag or slope to any of your walls or ceilings, this is a sign of foundation issues. This is especially common with damaged pier and beam foundations.
  • Doors and windows sticking or jamming – when foundations settle, they can cause your doors and window to not be level anymore. This in turn causes them to stick or get jam, making them more difficult to use.
  • Floors are uneven – if your floors have started to feel like they have their own subtle elevation changes like gentle hills, this is a sign that you probably have foundation issues.

If you find any of these issues, take a closer look around. Chances are you may find more evidence of foundation issues. You may be thinking about what to do next, which is natural. Foundation repair isn’t exactly simple and takes a skilled hand. If you suspect you have foundation damage, you should call your local foundation repair specialists before the issues become worse.

Does Foundation Damage Cause Other Problems?

Untreated, unrepaired foundation issues will not stop at affecting your foundation. As stated above, foundation issues can often cause cracks, settling, and doors and windows to not work correctly. Needless to say, foundation repair is more than worth it due to the extra issues it could cause because unfortunately, things can still get worse if you don’t fix your foundation. Unaddressed foundation damage can also lead to:

  • Rodents and bugs – especially prevalent in pier and beam foundations, a foundation with enough damage can become more susceptible to bugs and rodents. A damaged foundation means there is more space to squeeze into and also more ways to get inside of your house.
  • Mold, mildew, and water – also prevalent in pier and beam foundations is mold and mildew. Water can more easily get into the spaces that it’s not supposed to be and cause issues with wooden beams that will likely lead to wood rot. Water in concrete foundation cracks can cause the cracks to become bigger and even spread.
  • Plumbing – an issue of both types of foundations, damage can spread to your plumbing. Unnatural shifts in a house with foundation damage can cause pipes to crack or even break.

Foundation Repair Can Improve Home Value

If you’re in the market for a house or looking to sell your house, foundation issues are a huge red flag. In fact, the state of your foundation can have a 10% or more effect on your home’s value. To put this into perspective, for every $100,000 of a value that your home would normally have, you would end up deducting $10,000 due to foundation issues. This is a significant amount of lost value that is likely to be far greater than the cost to repair the foundation. If the foundation issues are bad enough, you may even have a difficult time passing a home inspection.

If you think you have foundation issues, don’t hesitate and let the issues become worse. For all of your foundation repair needs in Fort Worth, Grapevine, and Irving, Texas, call Discount Foundation Repair. Our experienced teams will perform a free inspection and provide you with an upfront, honest estimate.