There are a lot of causes for doors to stick in your home. Some of these causes aren’t major issues, but sometimes they are an indication of major problems that could become worse over time. You don’t want to jump to conclusions and waste money on unneeded repairs, but you also don’t want to allow a major issue to go undetected.

Sticking doors could be caused by the material used on the door, poor construction, or even foundation damage. Knowing the various causes will help to narrow down what you need to do for repairs.

Changes In Humidity Can Cause Doors To Stick

Most doors are made out of wood these days because it’s often cheaper than most other materials. Here in North Texas, we often think of hot temperatures during the summer months. We are also, however, very prone to humid conditions especially during the Spring months. A spike in humidity in the air can have an effect on the natural contraction and swelling of the wood used in the door. So when the humidity spikes, doors are much more prone to sticking. When the humidity goes back down, the doors stop sticking.

Especially in Spring, humidity often spikes after rainfall. If your doors are sticking, try to determine if they are always sticking or if they are only sticking after a hefty rainfall. If this is the only time that it is occurring, then you may consider replacing the door with one that uses more modern construction material to avoid sticking in the future.

Unaligned Or Damaged Door Hinges

What Is Causing My Doors To Stick

Door hinges are another common culprit for stuck doors. Hinges are an important component for the proper functioning of a door. A proper, smooth functioning door will have hinges that are working at optimal efficiency. Over time, however, door hinges can become loose. This will cause issues with alignment which may put the door’s position a little off.

If your doors are sticking, and humidity isn’t the issue, check your door hinges for issues. Sometimes the simple fix is to simply ensure that the screws are secure. If the hinges and screws are fairly old, try replacing them to see if that fixes the issue.

Sticking Doors And Foundation Problems

A very common cause for stuck doors lies within foundation issues. If the natural contraction and swelling of wooden doors isn’t the issue, and neither are the door hinges, then there is a good chance that your foundation has issues. 

There are a number of causes of foundation damage and some of them can be hard to pinpoint without a thorough inspection by a professional. Sometimes during the Spring in Texas we get a lot of rainfall followed by a period of no rain and warmer temperatures, and then get a bunch of rain again. This loss and gain of moisture in the soil will cause the soil to expand and contract. This soil movement can affect your foundation which can in turn cause your doors to stick.

Water damage is also a problem, particularly during times of heavy rainfall. If there are even small cracks in your foundation and improper drainage systems, that water will start to find its way into those cracks of your foundation. Over time, these cracks will become worse and have severely adverse effects on both your foundation and other areas of your home (like sticking doors and windows).

Fix Sticking Doors With The Best Foundation Repair In Fort Worth

If you’ve ruled out humidity and door hinges for why your doors are sticking, call Discount Foundation Repair Specialists to get a free foundation inspection. Our professionals will perform a thorough inspection of your foundation so you can really see what may be causing issues.