Cracks in the foundation are the top cause for needing foundation repair in Grapevine, Texas. This region is host to a lot of different weather conditions, all of which can eventually cause cracks and damage to your foundation. It’s important to get your foundation repaired to prevent future damage that is much more severe.

Discount Foundation Repair Specialists has decades of experience with concrete slab foundations, which are the most common foundations found in North Texas. While not nearly as common, we are also experienced with conducting repairs on pier and beam foundations. Both of these foundation types are found in North Texas and have their own unique issues.

Start With A Free Foundation Inspection

Every foundation repair job starts with your call for a free foundation inspection. Your satisfaction with the best foundation repair service is our top priority from the moment we receive your call. We’ll schedule your free inspection at a time that is convenient for you.

We’ll maintain communication with you so that you’re always in the loop for your foundation repair. We never want you to feel as though you are lost or unsure of what is currently going on. Our experienced specialist will come out to answer all of your questions and perform a thorough, comprehensive assessment of the current condition of your foundation. We’ll ensure that you get a report of current issues with your foundation, as well as issues that will likely arise in the future if you decide to put off your repairs.

Slab Foundation Repair Process

Concrete Slab Foundation Repair In Grapevine, Texas

Once we have identified the problems with your foundation and provided you with a plan and estimate to fix those problems, we can start the repair process. Our first step is to take numerous measurements of elevations around your house. We will typically get four measurements for every room in your house.

Next, we take a diagram of your house and input those measurements in the corresponding rooms. This gives us a great look at which areas of your house are sinking. When your foundation is sinking it causes cracking in your foundation. Plus, if your house is sinking faster in only some areas of your house, the foundation becomes unlevel. This can lead to damage in other areas of your house like walls, doors, and windows. Your floors may also start to slope.

Once we know which areas need lifting, we can determine where to place the concrete piers to support the foundation. We then dig a hole for each pier that needs to be placed and use specialized equipment to install these piers.

Here’s where it can sound pretty crazy: we will also use a special “house jack” (kind of like a car jack) that will lift your house. You may have thought a house couldn’t be lifted, but it definitely can thanks to innovations in engineering. Throughout this process with the piers, we will perform more measurements inside to ensure a precise repair.

Final Review – Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We will never finish our work, collect payment, and leave. Once we believe the repair is complete, it’s important to verify our work to ensure everything was completed according to our action plan. We’ll go over all of the work completed with you to ensure that you are satisfied. If any issues arise with the work completed within a few days, simply give us a call and we’ll come right back out.

Get Your Foundation Repaired In Grapevine Today

Discount Foundation Repair Specialists is proud to have provided foundation repair services to Grapevine, Texas since 1984. Our experienced professionals provide the best foundation repair with unmatched customer service. To schedule your free foundation inspection, give us a call today.