Keeping your home safe is any family’s number one concern. Between your day to day lives and general repairs, one thing can slip through the cracks. Keeping your foundation level is one of the most important things you can do to prevent unsafe conditions and further damage to the home.

Homes work off of one of two foundation types. The first is a slab foundation mainly of concrete that is placed on the ground. The second is a pier and beam foundation that is an elevated foundation, taken off of the soil by wooden, concrete, or steel structures. The key to pier and beam foundations is that they rely on equal pressure from the home on each pier. If one pier begins to settle, the weight moves onto the remaining piers and overloads its max pressure. Over time, the settling of a single beam can cause catastrophic results.

When To Get A Pier And Beam House Leveled

There are key signs that you might need to have a specialist out to evaluate your foundation.

  • Jaggad or ‘stair-step’ cracks in walls
  • Worsening ‘sticking’ of doors and windows
  • Cracks in outside brick
  • Sloping floors
  • Fireplace chimney separation
  • Increased basement or crawlspace moisture

If you notice any of these signs within your home, you will want to consider getting a foundation repair expert out to verify what type of foundation you have and what if anything is wrong.

Getting Started: Free Foundation Evaluation

Pier And Beam Leveling In Texas

Any reliable and reputable foundation repair company will offer free foundation evaluations. This process usually takes about thirty minutes and will end up with a detailed account of any concerns, issues, or general notes the inspector finds. Thorough inspectors have a detailed form filled out and ready for you to keep, regardless of foundation issues.

If they do happen to find something that is concerning, they should walk you through and point out what they see, then explain the options available to you. The key to foundation health is yearly inspections and a quick response to any concerns.

Pier And Beam Leveling Process

Pier and beam foundations are used widely in the Texas region. Newer buildings will be primarily on slab foundations. Older wood frame structures and older homes are where you will see pier and beam foundations primarily. The major component of this type of foundation is called a pier, a wooden beam with a wooden floor joist.

The first thing a repair service will do is verify the settling and angle of the foundation. They will then jack the girder beam nearest to the pier, replacing the old wooden piers with pressed concrete or steel piers of the highest quality. The specialists will then repeat this for every pier of the home until the foundation is where it needs to be. They will then reinspect the home, verifying that everything is once again level.

Best Pier And Beam Foundation Repair In Fort Worth

Discount Foundation Repair of North East Texas has been the go to for many home and business owners since 1984. Locally owned and operated, we have seen all types of foundation and know exactly what to do to get your home stable and secure. We provide free homeowner evaluations and pride ourselves on customer relations. Feel free to give us a call with any questions or concerns you may have for your home.