Drywall is the inner shell of a home. Not only does it make it easier to create arches, eaves and other specialized features in the home, it is more fire resistant than plywood. There are a few things that homeowners are told to keep an eye out for when it comes to their walls. Dark spots or sagging for water damage, odd smells for mold, and cracking or splitting from foundation problems.

Should I Repair Drywall Cracks?

As your foundation settles into the earth, it can cause stress to the walls of the home that takes the form of cracks. When this happens to your drywall, it is imperative that you get it repaired for more than one reason. The number one concern is moisture getting into your walls and causing mold to form. The health risks of mold goes from increased allergic reaction all the way to severe sickness. The sooner you fix your drywall, the better!

The secondary, though by no means lesser, reason to pay close attention to drywall separation or cracking is that the foundation may be settling farther than the norm. All contractors know that a home will settle as a natural part of weight pressing down into the soil. The detrimental problems happen when the settling of the foundation happens too quickly or in an uneven way.

Drywall Repair And Foundation Damage

Do I Still Need To Repair My Foundation?

Once you fix the cracked or damaged drywall, that doesn’t mean the job is done. You need to know why the drywall was affected in the first place. Obviously, if it’s in a place where an impact was seen then you’re good to go! But if you find yourself wondering what could have caused the damage, then it’s time to call your local foundation expert. Almost all professional foundation repair companies offer free homeowners inspections. They will be able to tell you the when, how, and why of foundation settling and if you should be concerned.

The foundation expert will be able to leave you with not only knowledge of if your foundation needs repaired, but options on how it can be done as well as a detailed inspection sheet.

Preventing Further Foundation Damage Issues

Foundation damage is a homeowners nightmare, but prevention is the number one way to save yourself time and money. There are a few things that can go a long way in securing your home and its foundation.

  • Root guards
  • French drains
  • Drainage repair

Do you notice water pooling near the side of your home? Is there a large tree within ten feet of the foundation? Contact your local foundation experts and have them do an assessment.

Foundation Level In Fort Worth

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