Homeownership is a wonderful thing when you’re prepared for the worst. If you know of our friend Murphy from his famous law, you also know that he can show up at your door at the worst time, with expensive repairs that need to be quickly repaired. The prices for these damages can be a simple $70 drain cleaning, light bulb replacements, or air conditioner failure, or even foundation cracks and uneven leveling of your home.

Because of all the unexpected expenses that can pop up in our home, we have home insurance to cover the damages. However we don’t always know what home insurance will and will not cover. You will need to check with your home insurance provider to determine what they cover and how much when filing your insurance claim.

Foundation Repair Costs

Foundation damage can cause cracks, pipe leaks, flooding, doors and window jamming, and uneven flooring. If you notice these signs, they could be an indicator of a need for foundation repair. These can be expensive to fix and it’s best to be prepared when you have a professional offer an estimate. It’s generally best to take in 2-3 estimates before making a decision. It’s also important to keep in mind who is offering those estimates, the quality of work that they can provide, and how they’ll respond when extra damages are found.

We’ve been offering foundation repair nearly 40 years now, and we’re extremely accurate with our estimates, can foresee potential problems, and provide better savings simply because of our ability to accurately assess the damage and the needed repairs. It’s extremely rare that the work needed falls outside our initial estimate. The difference can mean $1,000 – $5,000 in savings for you. We invite you to get an accurate estimate from professionals that are experienced and not just a member of a sales team trying to take your money to know exactly how much your repair would be!

Insurance Coverage

While it’s generally rare, some insurance companies do cover at least certain amounts of damages caused to your foundation, especially under a few special reasons. These include damages caused by natural disasters, plumbing leaks and flooding, fire damage, and explosions. If you do have coverage with your insurance company, then we highly recommend you take advantage of it.

Insurance or Not, Foundation Repairs Can’t Wait

We understand that spending money on your foundation repair is much less appealing than going on a small vacation, buying a car, or something that costs something enjoyable that costs around $2,500 to $7,000. However, avoiding your foundation issues will end up costing more if they cause damage to pipes, plumbing, walls, roof, driveway or other parts of your home. It’s especially important to contact a professional that can provide an expert analysis of your foundation so that you can make the best decision based on the options available to you.