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  • Thanks so much for the great service. You have been in business since 1962 and the experience you have is outstanding. Bruce is knowledgeable and nice. Rodney is experienced and friendly as well. Thanks for a good experience.

    Rating: Susan E.

  • After having 6 other contractors inspect the house, I am so glad that I chose to work with Bruce to fix my foundation issues. He was very informative when he came out to review the property and gave a reasonable quote which he stuck to though out the project. I honestly could not be happier with the work he and his crew did. The previous owner had a foundation crew come out to "fix" the foundation before I bought the house. Their "fix" didn't last six months before the house had large visible cracks in the interior and exterior walls from the house sinking. Now my house is actually fixed and I am recommending him to my sister-in-law for her foundation issues.

    Rating: Marques G.

  • Bruce helped me get my foundation adjusted at my home in Arlington(my house was sinking into the ground). Great job by the crew, and Bruce. They did not tear up the yard like I thought they would. (Very pleasantly surprised!) I would recommend them, hands down.

    Rating: Noelle F.

  • They did exactly what my house needed. They charged exactly what was quoted, (no hidden fees). I would definitely recommend this company.

    Rating: Melissa Saldana

  • The friendly staff at discount foundation repair not only leveled my home back to its original position but the cost was reasonable compared to other companies with same work. thanks again for the good quality work and we recommend this company hands down!

    Rating: Joe S

  • Fair and honest..can't ask for much more in a company.

    Rating: Carlos Martinez

  • Great work!

    Rating: Lynda Ward Wallace

  • Excellent work Bruce Fontenot! I will recommend your business to everyone!

    Rating: Hannah Michelle Escamilla

  • Fair and honest..can't ask for much more in a company .

    Rating: Debra Love

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